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Staying Alive

June 23, 2014 | Captain Christian Keller

It's my favorite time of the Alaskan year again, when the sun never really rises or sets and there's something to do around the clock. I've been making an extra effort to get out and do things because not only do I know that winter will be here too soon, but it also helps me to relax from work and to keep my mind off my continued long-distance relationship with my husband.

This past weekend I went down to Anchorage and Seward for a half-marathon and some deep sea fishing. I also managed to do some shopping at my favorite stores that aren't in Fairbanks, a little hiking, and meet up with some other alumnae of my college who are stationed down at JBER.

I drove down to Seward the following day and camped next to the water, but unfortunately my deep sea fishing trip was canceled for high seas. I was, and still am, incredibly disappointed because I was looking forward to "hooking the big one" but there's always next time. 

I've also been enjoying fishing locally. Since the sun doesn't really set, I can go fishing at midnight and see perfectly. Trail rides, dog walking, and hiking are all fun after hours, too. I haven't yet tried what my friend calls a "suicide run" yet, but I might. A "suicide run" is when you go to work, get off, run home and change and get your fishing gear and fish all night and go to work the next day. Definitely crazy, but there's something about all this sun and the biting fish that makes it seem doable. 



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  • Gretchen
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